Ver. Windows / macOS

March 31, 2020

Windows Version / macOS Version

– Fixed a problem that the adjustment result image may be disturbed when selecting “Fine detail” in “Mode” on “Noise reduction” sub-control for some RAW shot with Fujifilm cameras.
– Fixed a problem that the “Composite selected images” function could not be composited correctly when compositing 90-degree rotated images using “Correct for misalignment during hand-held shooting”.
– Fixed a problem that may not applying and saving correctly the data created/changed in “Imprint data for printing settings”.
– Fixed a problem that the “Base size” of original data was lost when editing the imprint data from “Edit data” Button on “Imprint data settings” sub-control of Print section.
– Other small fixes.

macOS Version

– Fixed a problem that could not be composited some RAWs with “Composite selected images” function.

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