Camera App for iPhone “SILKYPIX AQUA” is now available

July 28, 2022
Ichikawa Soft Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Ichikawa Soft Laboratory, Inc. (CEO: Masahito Murase, HQ: Chiba-City, Japan) has released “SILKYPIX AQUA”, iPhone camera application that “captivates” the true colors of aquarium and underwater subjects, on July 28, 2022, simultaneously in Japanese and English on the AppStore.


Fish and landscapes seen underwater or in aquariums appear color-biased to the human eye or in photos. However, there should be a more colorful world out there. “SILKYPIX AQUA” is a smartphone application developed with the desire of “making it easier to see the colorful underwater world”.
This application is a customized version of the “Marine Controller,” a function of the “SILKYPIX” series*1 photo editing software for PCs that specializes in underwater photo adjustment, for smartphones, which also allows for “vividness” and “contrast” adjustments. This allows you to experience the true colors of the underwater world on the iPhone screen.

*1 SILKYPIX is the generic name for the SILKYPIX Developer Studio series of photo editing software for PCs made in Japan that edits RAW data*2 and JPEG data captured with digital cameras to produce beautiful photos.
For more advanced adjustments than this application, try the “SILKYPIX” series, which offers high-definition photo adjustment.

*2 Unlike JPEG data, RAW data is the camera’s original uncompressed data.
“SILKYPIX AQUA” can also shoot RAW data.

Features of “SILKYPIX AQUA”

Underwater/Land Mode change

Removes bluish tints on the subject due to water or light.


Restores vivid colors that would be lost underwater.


Adjusts contrast reduced by turbidity in the water.

Screen image

Photo examples


Price 370 JPY (Free distribution until September 30, 2022 to commemorate the launch)
Operating environment iOS 14.1 or later
Distribution method
App Store (English): Download on the App Store
App Store (Japanese): App Storeからダウンロード
Dedicated Website

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