"captivates" the true colors of subjects in aquariums and underwater.

What is

SILKYPIX AQUA is a camera application that "charms" the true colors of aquarium and underwater subjects.
It can remove bluish tones from a subject that has been affected by water or light, brighten colors, and improve the appearance of a photo by adjusting contrast.


Underwater/Land Mode change

Removes bluish tints on the subject due to water or light.


Restores vivid colors that would be lost underwater.


Adjusts contrast reduced by turbidity in the water.

Operation screen

Operation screen - Underwater Mode ON/OFF

Photo examples

Photo examples 1
Photo examples 2
Photo examples 3
Photo examples 4
Photo examples 5
Photo examples 6

Make the photos you take more beautiful.

"SILKYPIX AQUA" can also shoot photos in "RAW data". Unlike JPEG data, RAW data is the camera's original data that has not been compressed, and is suitable for high-quality photo adjustment. If you are not satisfied with the adjustments made with this application, please try using the "SILKYPIX" series of RAW development PC software for high-quality photo adjustments.

Shot in JPEG mode

Blue tint, color, and contrast can be changed.

Shooting in RAW mode
and adjusting with SILKYPIX.

SILKYPIX allows a wide range of adjustments.

Due to the nature of the iPhone, the image will be taken brightly, so adjusting the following items will improve the image.

  1. Set "Exposure" to minus
  2. Set "Highlight" to minus
  3. Set the "Underwater Gray Balance Tool" in the "Marine Controller" to adjust the color to your liking


Price Free
Operating environment iOS 14.1 or later