Ver. Windows / macOS

November 1, 2018

Windows Version / macOS Version

– Fixed a problem that the hue shifted in the overlapped filter areas of the “Partial correction tool” when the total “Saturation” of the areas became smaller than -100%.
– Fixed a problem that the slider names may not be switched in the “Sharpening” sub-control when changing the “Type” dropdown list.
– Removed the limitations that the upper limit of the edit box on the shadow side is 127 and the lower limit on the highlight side is 129 in the “Level correction” of the “Tone curve” sub-control. (*1)
– Fixed a problem that the development parameters of monochrome controller are not loaded correctly when loading the development parameters adjusted with both the monochrome controller and the spotting tool.
– Fixed a problem that the changes to the IPTC information tastes made in the “Edit settings tastes” dialog were not saved correctly.
– Other small fixes.

macOS Version

– Support macOS Mojave 10.14.
– Fixed a problem that the settings of “Imprint data settings” are not saved correctly when adding the taste of “Batch development settings”.

*1 This change is for channels except L.

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