Ver. Windows / macOS

June 13, 2017

Windows Version / macOS Version

– Support Sigma dp0 Quattro, dp1 Quattro, dp2 Quattro, and dp3 Quattro. (*1, *2, *3)
– Fixed a problem that the parameters of “Monochrome controller” are not correctly saved in the Exif information of the developed JPEG/TIFF when the checkbox of “Discard SILKYPIX parameters and image information” in “File output settings” was not checked.
– Other small fixes.

Windows Version

– Fixed a problem that the dropdown list of “Dodge / Color Burn / HDR” may not be able to change.

*1 The some functions are limited, such as “Demosaicing sharpness” is not available.
*2 “X3I” RAW format which is the RAW shot in SFD mode is unsupported.
*3 This camera is unsupported on 32-bit version of Windows.

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