Ver. Windows / macOS

April 16, 2021

Windows Version / macOS Version

– Support Fujifilm X-E4 and GFX100S. (*1)
– Support Sigma fp L.
– Fixed a problem that the application may be forced to quit when developing RAW shot with some Panasonic cameras.
– Fixed a problem that the edited result was not applied to the batch development results after editing the imprint data for file output.
– Fixed a problem that the adjustment parameters of the Crop tool were not applied when loading a development parameters file of SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 5 or earlier.
– Other small fixes.

macOS Version

– Fixed a problem that the color reproduction of the preview in the Adjustment section was not displayed correctly when AdobeRGB was selected as the output color space in the “Development settings” sub-control.
– Fixed a problem that caused thumbnails to appear monochrome when scrolling through thumbnails in the Adjustment section on macOS Big Sur.
– Fixed a problem that allowed overwriting of the original JPEG/TIFF file when developing a JPEG/TIFF file.
– Fixed a problem that the text on the thumbnails in the Select section would appear coarse on a Retina display.

*1 “FILM SIMULATION” is supported and an available film simulation can be selected.

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