Ver. Windows / macOS

February 7, 2019

Windows Version / macOS Version

– Support Leica D-LUX7.
– Fixed a problem that the RAW shot with Olympus E-M1 which updated to the latest firmware could not be opened.
– Fixed a problem that some RAWs shot with Canon EOS Kiss M / M50 or EOS R were loaded extremely dark. (*1)
– Fixed a problem that the effect of “Portrait beautification” greatly differed between preview screen and development result when adjusting “Portrait beautification” and “Add noise” parameters at the same time.
– Fixed a problem that the parameters of “Monochrome controller” recorded in the developed JPEG or TIFF could not be read using “Load development parameters”.
– Other small fixes.

*1 To enable this fix, select [Help] – [Troubleshooting] – [Delete temporary files] from the menu.

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