Ver. Windows / macOS

December 20, 2018

Windows Version / macOS Version

– Support Canon PowerShot SX70 HS.
– Support Leica M10-D and M10-P.
– Fixed problem that the rating set for Canon CR3 RAW files are not displayed.
– Fixed problem that development parameters of unedited categories may also be copied when pasting development parameters. (*1)
– Changed the specification so that it starts from the state that only the checkbox of the edited categories in the “Development parameters applied by taste” checklist are checked when opening the “Add parameters taste” dialog to add a all categories taste.
– Other small fixes.

*1 This fix affects “Paste development parameters”, “Paste temporary development parameters”, and “Paste the last editing development parameters”.
With this fix, resolved the problem that unedited development parameters with a different initial value set for each image by the “dynamic default” function are copied when all parameters in the category are unedited.

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