Ver. Windows / macOS

October 29, 2018

Windows Version / macOS Version

– Support Canon EOS Kiss M / M50. (*1)
– Support Canon EOS R. (*1, 2)
– Support Leica C-LUX.
– Support Panasonic DC-LX100M2. (*3)
– Fixed a problem that the development parameters of monochrome controller are not loaded correctly when loading the development parameters adjusted with both the monochrome controller and the spotting tool.
– Fixed a problem that the changes to the IPTC information tastes made in the “Edit settings tastes” dialog were not saved correctly.
– Other small fixes.

macOS Version

– End of support for Mac OS X 10.6.8. (Added on November 26, 2018)

*1 This camera is unsupported on 32-bit version of Windows.
*2 The color reproduction in highlight areas may not be performed correctly when adjusting the white balance of the RAWs shot with multiple exposure.
*3 “Photo Style/Camera color” is supported and an available photo style can be selected.

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