Ver. Windows / macOS

February 14, 2022

Windows Version / macOS Version

– Support Canon EOS R3. (*1)
– Support Nikon Z 9. (*2)
– Fixed a problem that the Color representation drop-down in the Color sub-control did not display any options in RAW images where Panasonic’s “L.Monochrome S” and “L.ClassicNeo” Photo Style were available in the camera.
– Other small fixes.

Windows Version

– Fixed a problem that the settings in each dialog were not reflected when the File output settings dialog was opened from the Develop, Batch develop selected images, and Batch develop settings dialogs.
– Fixed a problem that the edited result was not displayed immediately in the preview when creating or editing Imprint data in the Develop dialog.

*1 HEIF (HIF) format is not supported.
*2 In operating environments where the CPU does not support SSE4 and AVX2 instructions, RAW images shot with RAW Recording “High efficiency★” and “High efficiency” are not supported.

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