All features

Maker taste Fine street, Landscape, Nostalgic toy camera, Red enhancer, Portrait, Blue sky, Sunset, Sepia, Instant film, Diver’s eye II (underwater)
Exposure Auto Exposure Bias, Exposure Bias, HDR, Dodge HDR, Color Burn HDR, Dodge / Color Burn, Dodge, Color Burn, Exposure bias tool
White Balance Auto (Absolute / Natural / Underwater), Color Temperature, Color Deflection, Dark Adjustment, Multi-light source compensation, White Balance Adjustment, Gray balance tool, Skin color tool
Tone Tone taste (Lowest contrast / Low contrast / A little low contrast / Average contrast / A little strong contrast / Strong contrast / Strongest contrast / Standard), Contrast, Contrast center, Gamma, Black level, Clarity
Tone Curve RGB Tone Curve, RGB Each Tone Curve, L Tone Curve, Level correction, Automatic level correction
Saturation Saturation taste (Standard color / Memory color 1 / Memory color 2 / Portrait color 1 / Portrait color 2 / Portrait color 3 / Film color V1 / Film color V2 / Film color P / Film color A / Film color K / Monochrome / Monochrome 2), Fine-Tuning Saturation
Sharpening Outline emphasis, Detail emphasis, False outline ctrl, Natural Sharp, Normal sharp, Pure detail, Unsharp mask
Noise Reduction Smoothness, Color distortion, Fringe reduction, Neat noise, Reduce Moiré
Highlight controller Emphasis on Chroma/Luminance, Emphasis on Saturation/Hue, Luminance restoration, Dynamic range
Fine Color Controller Hue, Saturation, Lightness
Lens Aberration Controller Shading Correction, Distortion Correction, Chromatic aberration
Rotation/Shift lens effect Rotation, Shift lens effect (V perspective / H perspective / Angle)
Effects Portrait beautification, Add noise (Amount / Size)
Monochrome controller Color Filter (Red / Orange / Yellow / Green-yellow / Green / Blue / Purple / Pink), Lightness (Adjust the lightness of various hues using the slider.)
Underwater photo controller Auto White balance for underwater photo, Gray balance tool for underwater photo, Water depth, Color deflection (underwater), Color restoration, Muddy reduction
Spotting tools Auto Erase, Copy, Red Eye Correction
Partial correction tool Circular correction filter, Gradual correction filter, Brush area
Crop tool Crop tool (Custom / Constrain original proportion / Specify aspect ratio / Print size / Fixed size)
Other functions Rating, Batch adjustment, Batch develop, Editing history, Displays of images with default parameters by mouse operations, Large-sized skin, Thumbnail mode, Preview mode, Combination mode, Display warning (Highlight warning, Shadow warning, Highlight/Shadow warning, Out of color gamut warning, Soft proofing, Focus peaking), Corresponds to color management, Adobe RGB color space, Printing, Margin color, Frame color, Imprint date