Effective operation screen and color management support

Convenient two-screen display on the comparison of the photo (Multi preview)

Equipped to have a multi-preview function that can perform the editing work while comparing the divided two screens. Some modes are available as follows.

  • You can perform editing work with comparing the after adjustment and before adjustment of the same image.
  • You can perform a selection of photos while comparing displayed side by side a different photo.

You can customize the screen tailored to the environment to be used.

Operation screen of SILKYPIX Developer Studio 6 is designed to change the position and size of the control assuming all the environment from the PC to the 4K display.

Big skin

When using the 4K and high-resolution LCD monitor, the normal size characters or icons may be displayed smaller on the screen. You can switch those to large icons and characters in such case.

Changing the position and size of the thumbnail

You can use the workspace efficiently by changing the position and size of the thumbnail (reduced display) according to the photograph of the content and screen size.

Support color management of monitor and print


In order to output the adjustment results in a properly LCD screen or print, it must correspond to the color management system. SILKYPIX Developer Studio 6 can perform color management to specify the ICC profile of the monitor and the printer.

Auxiliary tool for adjustment

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 6 obtains a useful auxiliary tools which are navigation, histogram, grid display and highlight / shadow warning at the time of the adjustment.

High speed processing and supported more than 500 digital cameras

RAW development with high speed image processing engine and support 64 bit OS

Support native 64bitOS, and optimize hardware such as AVX2 and multi-core CPU to maximize the performance of PCs. By this specification, without impairing the image quality, it can achieve high performance.
And during the responsiveness of the control when it is adjusted or the drawing a preview screen which reflects adjustment results, the development process is at high speed without stress at a high speed.

General RAW development software supports more than 500 different models digital cameras

SILKYPIX supports more than 500 different models digital cameras. By this reason you do not need to learn an operation for RAW development at different models. You can do RAW development only by SILKYPIX Developer Studio 6. Regarding to color reproduction, you can archive same color reproduction even in different manufactures and can reduce the color variation in between frames when you create set photos.

At photo classes

By using SILKYPIX Developer Studio 6 you can process at same operation in different manufacturers of RAW data and can share information of operation know-how regardless camera manufactures in case of comments at photo classes or photo session.

Regarding to other functions, please refer to SILKYPIX Developer Studio series features